Sweet Briar Is Our Heritage Paint Hue

Sweet Briar cheerfully evokes the dreamy colours of wild rambling roses found clambering up hedges and trees. In fact, the light-hearted pink tone was drawn from the roses in 1864 Morris & Co. wallpaper design, Trellis.


To create the authentic Morris & Co. palette, we went back to our archive. It’s from here that we made the perfect paint for every budding craftsperson. With two available paint finishes, Chalky Matt and Acrylic Eggshell, add Morris & Co. Paint to your crafting toolkit.

Stylist’s Corner

“Sweet Briar is a simply delightful paint tone, never fading into the distance and always offering a soothing feeling. Warm without being overpowering, its colour qualities make it a compelling choice for cabinetry or focus walls. Woodwork, be it hallway panelling, doorframes or feature furniture, give you the chance to experiment and play with this versatile hue.”

Emma, Morris & Co. Stylist

posted on 12 Jul 2022 in Interiors

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