A little book of infinite possibilities 

Little Book of Morris is a designer’s toolbox of coordinating fabrics whose versatility meets the scale of your design ambition

If you could craft a room that slowly reveals itself, a house through time with pattern around every corner, you might not say the Little Book of Morris was so little, after all. This is a little book with mighty design possibilities. 

The Little Book of Morris is a fabric coordinate book for finishing touches, accent pieces, feature upholstery and irresistible layering. 41 complementary fabrics are arranged by colour story, each with a unique chapter to share.  

Jessica Clayworth, Lead Designer at Morris & Co., says, “Although small in scale and delicate by nature, the Little Book of Morris is mighty, perfectly formed and brimming with designs, revealing distinctive stories at every turn. With the infinite possibilities of layering designs, these long-treasured Morris & Co. hero designs have found a new home in Little Book, creating a beautiful symphony of design in fabric.”

Bask in the warm hues of a Russet Autumn or add notes of intrigue with the cooler Mineral colour group. Perhaps brooding Indigo better suits the mood, or the earthy tones of Linen soothe the soul. With designs available in newly recast scales and textures, Morris & Co. introduces a collection whose versatility meets the scale of your design ambition.


posted on 09 Apr 2024 in Interiors

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