True Heritage Hues From Morris & Co. - Sunflower

To celebrate the launch of Morris & Co. Paint, we’ll be exploring one colour at a time in each instalment of our Heritage Hues series.

Drawing inspiration from colours noted in historic 19th century logbooks stored in our archive, alongside samples taken from original designs, the Morris & Co. paint range is tailor-made for every budding craftsperson.


At the mere mention of the word ‘Sunflower’, we all feel on intimate terms with the colour. Our Sunflower hue, the flower of which was the subject of an 1879 Morris & Co. design, was inspired by the golden afternoon sun that streamed through the windows of William Morris’s own kitchen at Red House. In Sunflower, we’ve tried to contain that warming, homely image.


“Whether it’s unforgettable summer sunsets or the radiant flowerhead of its namesake plant, Sunflower is a deeply evocative colour. Calling to mind sensations of warmth, we think this colour offers a welcoming, wholesome feel for communal spaces in the home. Using Sunflower in spaces such as the kitchen, on cupboards and doors, helps to introduce a bright, cosy feel to the room.” – Emma, Morris & Co. Stylist

posted on 10 May 2022 in Interiors

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