Heritage Hue: Inky Fingers

To celebrate the launch of Morris & Co. Paint, we’ll be exploring one colour at a time in each instalment of our Heritage Hues series.

Drawing inspiration from colours noted in historic 19th century logbooks stored in our archive, alongside samples taken from original designs, the Morris & Co. paint range is tailor-made for every budding craftsperson.


Inky Fingers is a firm Morris & Co. favourite, named after a moment of pure charm and inspiration. William Morris was remembered by an observer being “up to the elbow” in indigo as he trialled new printing methods at his Merton Abbey workshop. Getting messy as he worked through new production techniques is just one of the things we love about William Morris.


“Inky Fingers’ immense depth introduces great drama and atmosphere to interior spaces. Its dark volume and pensive quality mean Inky Fingers is the ideal choice for a moody backdrop or for elevating creative spaces. Pair with fabrics of vibrant, jewel-like tones, such as our Blackthorn design from 1892, for a shimmeringly impactful space.” Emma, Morris & Co. Stylist

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