Read all about it. The art of wallpaper exhibition catalogue


The Art of Wallpaper is captured in a captivating catalogue to keep.

To accompany The Art of Wallpaper exhibition, currently running at the world-renowned Dovecot Tapestry Studios in Edinburgh until 11th June 2022, curator and leading academic Mary Schoeser has authored a delightful supporting catalogue.

The exhibition, which draws extensively from our rich archive of original designs and artwork here at Morris & Co., situates for the very first time Morris & Co. wallpapers in their 19th century context. Examining everything from Japanese influences on William Morris to his artistic milieu, The Art of Wallpaper charts the development of patterns which remain modern-day icons.

The accompanying catalogue offers the newcomer and avid Morris-fan alike the chance to deepen their appreciation of this historic British brand. Over 130 original wallpaper and textile designs are understood in their proper historical context, in a catalogue as inspiring and thought-provoking as the exhibition itself. Complete with full-page and high-resolution images, The Art of Wallpaper exhibition catalogue is your chance to take home a piece of design history.

Ben Pentreath, two-time Morris & Co. collaborator and life-long William Morris fan, writes: “This brilliant book is unique in two ways. Mary Schoeser casts her net more widely than so many of the studies of Morris that we have on our bookshelves… but also -more importantly- in telling a broader story of wallpaper production in the 19th century. Truly great design knows that a sense of history is the most vital ingredient in all the best innovation.”

Join Morris & Co. on the journey and purchase a copy of the Art of Wallpaper catalogue.

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