Add A Finishing Touch…


Sometimes, it really is the little things that matter. Finishing touches invite warmth and personality into a space, telling a story you'll want to read again and again. From bouquets of flowers and artwork to objects only you can explain, ‘finishing touches’ are all the things that make a space yours.

Our lovely Stylist, Emma, shares her finishing-touches top tips, taking your ideas from vision to fruition.

For me, it’s all about adding wild, garden-picked flowers to complement the room, picking up the nature-inspired fabric or wallpaper theme used within a space. Handcrafted ceramic props from small local businesses, or antique finds as well as artwork, will create an idyllic, warm, cosy atmosphere.

Can a finishing touch not be a ‘thing’, but instead, a colour? Absolutely! Sometimes, it’s a burst of your favourite colour- a verdant green or powerful inky-blue- that brings everything together. Morris & Co. Paint has 40 colours sourced from original William Morris designs in our archive; let this be your nature-inspired colour-toolkit.

For the eager reader, books definitely don’t count as an ‘accessory’. But, their beauty cannot be denied. It’s time to line up your favourite tomes on a rustic wooden shelf. Really embrace the Victorian world of William Morris by arranging your plants in a tabletop terrarium.

Morris & Co. wallpapers are unashamedly Maximalist. When William Morris designed a pattern, he built layer upon layer to produce designs which are richly complex and full of energy. Respond to this with accessories like throws or cushions that offer a soothingly neutral contrast. Our Ruskin Weaves collection houses thirty 100% linen fabric neutrals, coordinating across all the Morris & Co. range.

Does your scheme have too much neutrality? That’s an easy fix. Our Harrods store has plenty of pattern-pockets for you to mix in some excitement. These include exclusive velvet cushions featuring favourite William Morris designs, from Acanthus to Fruit.


posted on 04 Jul 2022 in Interiors

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