An Oasis Indoors: Our Top 5 Biophilic Bedroom Design Ideas

Life is BUSY. In the heady rush of modern life, our bedrooms should be hearts of calm and peace. That’s why so many of us look to nature and the great outdoors for sources of rest and tranquillity. Enabling an authentic connection to nature is something our founder, William Morris, firmly believed in. It was his revolutionary idea to de-stylise and romanticise depictions of nature in furnishing patterns, instead attempting to capture the essence of florals audiences would know and recognise.

Biophilic design, or, design that loves nature and natural themes, is all about bringing the essence of the outdoors into our homes. A nourishing bedroom scheme means a restful night’s sleep - and we all know the power a well-rested mind can muster! So, relax, and we hope you find some harmony with our top five tips and ideas for creating a biophilic bedroom.

Try A Nature-Inspired Large Scale Wallpaper Print

If you think about it, walls are your largest canvas. By featuring anything from leafy foliage to bright botanical wallpaper, you can ensure your bedroom speaks strongly to your love of nature.

Wallflower by name, but certainly not by nature, Wallflower is a beautifully intricate design with a bounty of flowers. Miniature wallflower heads nestle amongst the dramatically folding acanthus leaves, in a paper as much a celebration of colour as it is of nature.  Our hero blue colourway, called Woad Blue, is named after the plant contemporaries of William Morris used for sourcing organic blue dyes.

Bedding That Celebrates Nature

Often the centrepiece of a bedroom arrangement, duvets and bedding accessories are great tools for elevating your biophilic theme.

Green leaves and a verdant, swirling branch-and-leaf pattern – what can be more biophilic than that? Willow Boughs is inspired by a walk among the willows William Morris took with his daughter, May. Translated from his designer’s eye into an enduring pattern, we think this simple repeat soothes and heals with its soft interlacing motif.

Getting a great night’s sleep means using natural materials for a breathable, restful slumber. For those who prefer a simpler, less patterned look, our Cotton-Linen blend duvet in a Tump evergreen colourway offers a rustic option. Derived from the old English dialect word for ‘a small, rounded hill or clump of trees’, the ‘Tump’ colourway perfectly captures the verdant green colour of dense vegetation which inspired this tone.

Forest And Garden Paint Hues

A cocooning, grotto-like feeling encloses you in a reassuringly naturalistic space. Paint, as a colour carrier par excellence, has the power to totally transform a room.

@wildinthewolds has put their own spin on the enveloping theme. Taking our Tump paint, loved for its deep forestry greens, they’ve painted their ceiling to create a verdant space.

For those looking for a smaller impact, or just to dip their toe into the transformative world of paint, why not localise the impact with a feature wall or a statement cabinetry?

(Natural) Light Up A Room

For biophilic bedrooms, nothing is more impactful than letting nature in. And what can be more natural, than natural light?

Framing the sun’s rays and celebrating its changing hue as the day progresses, our windows deserve our full attention. Patterned prints can bring a whole new colour profile to your bedroom, helping to achieve that all-important good night’s rest. Find a drape that’s perfect for you here.

But what happens when the sun goes down? Don’t sacrifice a natural look, but find a lighting solution that draws from nature. Our archive-inspired lampshades over at Pooky can help illuminate late nights with warming colours and patterns. Cosy!

Go Plant Crazy!

That’s right, you have our approval to go truly plant-mad. In need of a justification? Just remember that plants help oxygenate rooms, leading to more restful slumbers. Off to the garden centre we go!

Of course, we’re really thinking of live flowers here. But if you could use a riotous palette of nature’s blooms in the form of cut flowers, why not treat yourself to a bunch inspired by our 19th-century designs?

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