Discover Rambling Rose: A Heritage Floral Wallpaper

William Morris did florals differently. Railing against the decadent illusionism and gaudy trompe l’oeil of the mid-19th century, Morris sought to introduce an altogether more refined sensibility. A way of treating botanicals with a mystery and sense of awe that approaches nature on its own terms.

Over 160 years on, nothing has changed. 

The Story

Rambling Rose, originally from 1877, re-enters our portfolio of designs for the first time in many years as a result of our collaboration collection, Emery Walker’s House.

Sir Emery Walker (1851-1933) was a friend, collaborator, book printer and neighbour to William Morris. Living only a short walk from one another, the two were often inseparable, with Morris deferring to Walker’s printing expertise throughout the establishment of his own book-printing press, Kelmscott Press.

In addition to their friendship, Walker was also a lifelong patron of Morris & Co. furnishings, and his home at 7 Hammersmith Terrace is one of the best examples of original in situ Arts & Crafts furnishings anywhere in the world. With a beautiful garden stretching down to the Thames, Rambling Rose was a logical addition to our collaboration collection, paying homage to the close creative relationship between these two men. 


The Look

Rambling Rose is heavily influenced by Morris’s romantic attitude to tapestries and poetry. Its climbing structure and thorned stems culminate in glorious flowerheads. Striking and painterly, the design comes in three colourways; Twining Vine, Emery Blue & Spring Thicket, Leafy Arbour & Pearwood. Each colourstory emphasises a different element of the paper’s virility, with the latter providing the softest touch and the former the most naturalistic hue. 


In Your Home

A bold design, we feel Rambling Rose makes a perfect ‘wrap around’, offering up a delightful cocooning experience in shared living spaces. An ideal paper for creating intimacy, its restrained palette also makes this pattern easy to coordinate with your furniture.

Alternatively, Rambling Rose would also make a striking statement wall. Emphasise a fireplace or mantlepiece with Rambling Rose and draw the eye to your room’s key moments. 

posted on 20 Jul 2023 in Interiors

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