Footsteps On A Sustainability Journey With Path To Paisley

Enduring Design and Sustainable Fashion

In a seamless meeting of minds, both Morris & Co. and Path To Paisley hold the value of craft traditions close to their heart. Path To Paisley repurpose vintage fabrics from around the world, handcrafting them into unique clothing articles. By working together, Morris & Co. and Path To Paisley have been able to create something truly special.

Available exclusively at our Harrods store, surplus fabric from the Morris & Co. design studio is meticulously stitched, threaded and worked by hand into luxurious jackets, each one utterly unique. Developed at Path To Paisley’s dedicated factory in East London, the resulting jacket eloquently expresses craft artistry at its finest and locates a tenable solution to surfeit material. Fully sustainable, this range of relaxed tuxedo jackets is a fitting home for timeless fabric design and a needlework tradition that deserves to live long into the future.

Chrissy and Jack, the minds behind Path To Paisley, comment “As a brand, we’re fans of rich, earthy tones and love detailed, textured fabric. It’s what we look for when searching for vintage textiles and what Morris & Co. has in abundance.

We particularly like the bolder designs which create unique opportunities for interesting pattern placement when constructing garments. Working with a wide range of colourways, textures and finishes means that we can really experiment with new combinations for each piece. We’re excited to explore the endless possibilities there are to present these heritage designs in a new guise.”

Discover this collaboration by visiting us in-store at Harrods.


posted on 20 Jul 2022 in Interiors

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