How To Wallpaper A Kid’s Bedroom Or Nursery… By YOU

Can you remember your childhood bedroom? Surrounded by toys, maybe a sibling or two, whiling away the long days playing in worlds entirely of your own imagination. Children, with their innately joyful and curious spirit, seem to naturally appreciate a beautiful pattern, which is a great thing, really, when their early environments are so important to their development in childhood.

In fact, we’ve loved seeing many of our wallpapers crop up in your nurseries and kids’ bedrooms. So much so, we’ve brought together just a few of our favourites to inspire other parents out there.

We think wallpapers can really make a difference, particularly in the environments of your little ones.  The sense of boundless play and creativity native to every child is exactly what we think a great pattern could (and should!) convey.

Whilst there are certainly colourways which complement a more masculine or feminine taste, Morris & Co. designs are always gender neutral. Instead, we seek the same feeling that William Morris did back in 1861: a wonderment of nature and joy in a beautiful pattern.

Oh, and just before we dive in, if you do get creating, make sure you tag us at @wmorrisandco on Instagram for your chance to appear on our grid, and for other parents to learn from your excellent crafting skills!

Image Credits: @chrislovesjulia

Idea No. 1 – Create Enveloping Cosiness

The dreams and imaginary playgrounds of children rarely happen in rooms with plain walls! So, just imagine what can happen in rooms with not just the four walls papered, but the ceiling too…

This cocooning feeling, as well as being incredibly inspiring, also creates a really comforting effect, perfect for engendering calm in your little ones’ lives.

Attic rooms are especially good for this. Their tilted roofs help to create a lovely, nesting feeling.

Image credits above: @Kajshagelin Left: featuring The Brook | Right:  featuring Sweet Briar

Idea No. 2 – Craft a Feature Wall

At the other end of the scale, there’s feature walls. Perfect for those without a regular ‘square’ shaped room – and really, who actually has that?! – or those who’d prefer to decorate only a portion of their wallspace, feature walls can really make a space sing.

We absolutely adore what @theottohouse_ has done with our Blackthorn wallpaper, creating a floral entryway to a delightful reading nook.

Image Credits: @theottohouse_ 

Colours that pop and sizzle are ideal for a kid’s bedroom. Luckily, Blackthorn comes in summery hues, too, as @broganjane perfectly demonstrates with her feature wall.

Image Credits: @broganjane

Idea No. 3 – Make a Wallpaper Wonderland

And now, how about a magical landscape they’ll just keep coming back to? There’s no wallpaper design we’ve seen more commonly in your nurseries and child’s rooms than Owl & Willow.

Filled with magical beasts surrounding a gently meandering scheme, there’s a subtle majesty and creative imagination to this design. It’s also one that you guys have really expressed your ingenuity with, too.

Leaning into the three panelled nature of the design, @kathrynhuftondesign has actually framed each compartment, to a gorgeously painterly effect.

Image Credits: @kathrynhuftondesign

Idea No. 4 – Pair Paper And Paint

Combining wallpaper with paint can really help bring a room together. As well as softening the impact of wallpaper, it can help consolidate your chosen colour scheme, embedding the impact you want in your nursery.

@Kamillaheick has just the trick, pairing the simple, fragrant X design with a beautiful neutral paint. we’ve a host of charming neutral tones here at Morris & Co., which you can shop directly here.

Image Credits: @Kamillaheick

Don’t forget about fabric!

We won’t keep you from your creativity much longer – we promise – we just had to show you this from @eemastudio.

This delightful, inventively reimagined light shade made using our Willow Boughs design adds a softer bluish hue to the space. It’s a reminder to us all that, besides wallpaper, small changes using fabrics and upholsteries, can make a big difference in our little ones’ spaces.

Image Credits: @eemastudio

posted on 24 Nov 2023 in Interiors

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