Marigold Is The Pattern For All Seasons

Ben Pentreath fell in love with our Marigold pattern. Learn about its various colour stories here.

Since 1861, Morris & Co. have issued over 100 fabric and wallpaper designs, more than half of which are attributed to the hand of William Morris. It’s an incredible collection, handed down through generations of talented designers and collaborators.

For us at Morris & Co., one of the greatest joys is seeing designers return to the same design, again and again. It’s here that they become something a little more than a classic pattern. They become explored mysteries, capable of conveying new truths and sensations.

The latest pattern to receive this treatment is Marigold. Sought-after interior architect and designer, Ben Pentreath, has revisited Marigold multiple designs over his two collaboration collections with Morris & Co.

Ben himself likens his handling of this 1887 William Morris design as akin to the seasonal changes undergone by flora in nature. Of Cornubia, his second collection, Ben says, “I was keen to develop a range that had a different mood and atmosphere to Queen Square [his first collection] – perhaps sunnier and brighter. I began, therefore, with a whole new palette – colours which are on my mind at the moment: tangerine, lemon yellow, primrose, soft pinks, blues and bright apple greens – the colours of spring and summer.” As winter surely gives way to spring, and summer into autumn, Marigold has received a spectrum-like diversity of colour treatments.

In Queen’s Square, an autumnal depth of electric colour animates each of the four fabric and two wallpaper colourways. Of particular note, the striking Navy wallpaper sizzles with a current of energy, whilst the Burnt Orange smoulders with a slow-burning glow. Moody and eccentric, Marigold in the Queen’s Square collection is a design primed for statement-making, suiting the complex, turning form of the original pattern.




In Cornubia, the latest collection inspired by Cornish landscape and Ben’s heritage there, the mood is entirely different. Four colourways each for wallpaper and fabric, at once elevated and jovial, cause new tones to smile from the surface in a reinvented summery radiance. Channelling the vital energy of springtime blooms, the Sap Green Marigold fabric holds a verdant charm, whilst the Yellow wallpaper offers a sunshine effect for any wall. Both Chocolate fabric colourways do utilise deep backing tones, but for the purpose of hoisting a joyous central colour: as an upholstery material, there is no equal for creating a three-dimensional vibrancy.

Ben has reinvented Marigold over 10 times throughout his collaborative partnership with Morris & Co., imbuing Morris’s classic design with new meaning each time. We love new chapters being added to Morris’s originals, suiting them to new spaces in every home.




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posted on 17 Jun 2022 in Interiors

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