Simply Morris from Morris & Co.

A collection for contemporary spaces with Lindsey coral harper

"It's as if they can breathe"

American Interior Designer Lindsey Coral Harper is known industry-wide for her light, joyous and wholesome aesthetic. Her bespoke look makes her the perfect person to explore Morris & Co.’s latest collection, Simply Morris. Even throwing in a few tricks of the trade for styling Simply Morris, Lindsey discusses the lively, fresh tones and uplifting colour story behind Morris & Co.’s most contemporary collection to date.

Describe your style in 4 words.

Classic, vibrant, sophisticated and layered.


What do you love about designing projects?

The Before and After! It's so fulfilling to dream something up and watch it become a reality. 


What is your favourite space in the house to design?

This is tough, it honestly depends on the house... I like to design warm and cosy rooms, like a study. Guest bedrooms are particularly fun for me because clients usually give you the most freedom and it’s where they are typically the least opinionated so you can really get creative! 


When did you discover Morris & Co.?

I believe I first really got an education in Morris & Co. in college. I was a design major, so we learned about William Morris in the history of textiles class.  One of my favourite things is recognising cherished paper and textile patterns in movies, TV and broader culture! I love to see them in period pieces and now modern shows as well.  


What is your favourite Morris & Co. pattern and why?

It has to be Strawberry Thief in Cochineal Pink. It has so many layers of colour, complete with the intricacies of the pattern overlapping and I love the stippling throughout on the birds and strawberries. 


When you began working with the new Simply Morris collection, what drew you in?

I love the freshness in the new Simply Morris collection, how clear the colours are and how light the grounds are- it’s so easy to use! 


Which new interpretations in this collection particularly caught your eye?

I really appreciate how Morris & Co. has modified some of the classics, not just in colour but in scale. They seem to open up more. Some of these prints like Fruit and Pimpernel have so much more space now. You get a greater appreciation for the pattern because they have a bit more room to spread out. It's as if they can breathe.  


Are there any suggestions you would give homeowners interested in incorporating this collection into their homes?

Just go for it!  I think these new interpretations are really fresh and feel modern-traditional to me.  They seem less intimidating to use now and are perfect for anyone decorating today! 


posted on 24 Mar 2022 in Interiors

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