Stealing The Show With Strawberry Thief | Your Top 5 Favourites

William Morris’s 1881 classic, Strawberry Thief, artistically renders the moment he caught a song thrush pinching strawberries from his garden at Kelmscott Manor, Oxfordshire. Rather than allow this glimpsed moment to pass him by, Morris saw in this instant all of nature, including its charm, its mystery and its drama. We think that’s why lovers of design still fall in love with this pattern, well over 100 years after it was first created.

Our five-fingered feathered friend remains a well-loved fan favourite, even to this day. We’ve taken inspiration from Morris’s incredible design, adding new chapters to its story and fresh takes on this icon. So, here are five of your favourites.


The Classic

Morris originally intended Strawberry Thief to be a beautiful fabric. Due to his love of handcraft techniques, and hatred of modern chemical dyes first used during the Industrial Revolution, he laboured to perfect the Indigo-Discharge dye method, using only organic dyestuffs. This version of Strawberry Thief remains our most authentic version available today, retaining the look and feel of Morris’s original.


The Embroidered

Here at Morris & Co., we know that having a fabric that feels as good as it looks is an essential part of the design experience. Appealing to touch, as well as to sight, is how we create a multi-sensory space that we can love spending our time in. So, the Pure Strawberry Thief Embroidery brings the same refined charm as the original, albeit in restrained colour stories, but adds a moment of tactile delight.

Two different stitching densities lend this fabric great versatility in any upholstery or drapery project.


The Uplifting

When Strawberry Thief was first penned, Morris & Co. were toying with conventional Victorian tastes. At once busy and intricate, Morris & Co. sought to add realism and enjoyment of unidealised nature, at odds with the prevailing trends.

With Simple Strawberry Thief, we wanted to add yet another counterpoint. Created to soothe but never to alter the ultimate shape and form of the original pattern, wallpaper and fabric designs from our Simply Morris collection breathe calmness and serenity through Morris & Co.’s portfolio of heritage designs.


The Dramatic

One for the statement-lovers, the wall-art-makers and the bold motif pioneers!

Unrolling this wallpaper, full of gloriously saturated hues, is certainly one way to make an impact. Whether it’s a statement wall or full room wraparound, our Strawberry Thief wallpaper is bound to take your breath away, along with the strawberries!



Don’t Forget There’s Strawberry Thief Paint, Too!

Paint can be a craftsperson’s best friend. Perfect for teasing out key colour groups, or even balancing a scheme, paint is on hand for everything from finishing touches to luxury layering.

Named for its rich strawberry-red, much like that of the ripe strawberry beloved by the thieving thrush, our Strawberry Thief red paint is bright and beautiful.

posted on 01 Nov 2023 in Interiors

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