The Joy of Decorating with Morris and Co. Paint

For over 160 years, Morris & Co. have created beautifully crafted products which uphold the legacy of William Morris. This inaugural Morris & Co. paint range is, likewise, an expression of pride in our heritage and contribution to British interior design. As a palette, it combines the very best of a long design history, from extraordinary depth of colour to an unwavering command over quality and application. These are true heritage hues for the modern craftsperson.

“To give people pleasure in the things they must perforce use, that is one great office of decoration; to give people pleasure in the things they must perforce make, that is the other use of it.” – William Morris, The Decorative Arts, 1877.

Decorating, ornamenting, and colouring the home was, to William Morris, one of the foremost joys of everyday life. He regarded it as a freeing, creative act, which allows every home to join in a great tradition of pattern and colour.

Fortified by a 160-year history of continuous craft, Morris & Co. paint comprises forty colours drawn directly from original Morris & Co. designs stored safely in our archive. Each paint recipe, mixed by hand in our UK factories and with only premium ingredients, guarantees a timeless heritage hue.

“It’s only by experimenting that you find the right colour and think yes, that’s allowed, let’s invite that in. We live in an old house, and it makes us feel very much like caretakers. We are part of this house for such a short period of its life and it has been a joy to contribute another chapter to its story.” – Annemarie and Tom.

Woodwork: Sweet Briar, Spring Thicket Dawn

posted on 24 Jun 2022 in Interiors

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