3 Reasons Why Owl & Willow is YOUR Nursery Decoration Favourite

Decorating a nursery is one place where the great joys of design combine with life’s best moments.

We love what you guys have done with the place! Nothing makes us happier here at Morris & Co. than seeing – and celebrating – how our designs bring your spaces to life.

Recently, there’s one pattern that has been the pick of your bunch, and it’s Owl & Willow. We’ve seen this design crop up again and again as your first choice for delightful nursery schemes. Below, we’ve picked out our top three instances where you guys have shown us a thing or two about how to decorate a nursery. 



A child’s sense of awe and wonder is priceless. The first pattern or design that spoke to us as children can be so precious, and we have a sneaky suspicion this is what @chrislovesjulia had in mind when choosing Owl & Willow for their lovely Polly’s room.

Charming wildlife, stylised trees and delicate florals combine in this enchanting scene. With prancing ponies, prowling lions and a soothing stream, it’s clear a mystical element was the main ingredient here. Enter the land of fairy-tale!


@kathrynhuftondesign gave us some real food for thought with this nursery decoration idea. They’ve played upon the fact that Owl & Willow is printed in 3 sections on one roll. Instead of joining the panels, they’ve separated them into distinct frames.

A simple wooded border is all Kathryn needed to make an incredible impact, blurring the boundaries between wallpaper and paper. The result is a beautiful triptych, almost inspired by Medieval altarpieces – William Morris would be proud!


Besides adorable animals of every sort running around, what else can you see? Colour, lots of colour.

It’s this that makes Owl & Willow wallpaper a paint-pairing master stroke. Wonderfully modelled by @homebyrik, having coordinated colours between wallpaper and paint creates a harmonious nursery design idea. It really is a lovely, wholesome feeling when you can bring a room together like that.

@homebyrik has opted for a sage green panelling, but you could choose to pick out the soothing blue of Owl & Willow’s river or the golden mane of the lion – it’s your choice! All our designs are made to coordinate with our Morris & Co. Paint range, so make sure to have a rummage around.




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posted on 17 Mar 2023 in Interiors

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