Three ways to use velvet in your home

3 Ways To Use Velvet In Your Home

Using velvet in your home can add diversity and depth where you need it most. Not only is its brushed quality a tactile delight, but its surface sheen also introduces an element of visual delight, too. One of the things that we love about velvets here at Morris & Co. is that they’re incredibly versatile, meaning velvet can be helpful with little changes as well as with bigger projects. 

Our Wardle Velvets

Wardle Velvets, our velvets range named after Thomas Wardle, the man who taught William Morris how to dye fabric, could be the new essential tool in your craftsperson’s toolkit. Not just a collection of staple plain velvets colour coordinated to our paint range, it also features patterned designs inspired by archive originals. So, whether you want to pair a colour or make a bit more of an impact, make sure you order your samples of Wardle Velvets.

1. Fill Your Bed Or Sofa With Comfy Cushions

A properly layered bed and sofa – is there a more inviting prospect at the end of a long day? Well, what if you added some gorgeous velvet cushions, too?

2. Heady Headboards

We’re not quite ready to leave the bedroom just yet... we’ve absolutely loved seeing upholstered headboards return to consideration for bedroom design. They’re a fantastic way of introducing more colour and pattern, and by using velvets, you’re also building in some lovely new textures, too.

Here, we’ve used our Sunflower Caffoy Velvet feature pattern, bringing in a charmingly subtle patterned backdrop. But that’s just us – with six other colourways on offer, the choice is entirely yours.

3. Take A Seat

A classic use of velvet combined with a punchy, impactful style. Upholstering a chair can add a new lease of life to much-loved furniture, creating colour, zest and energy all around the home.

Here, we’ve set to work our Artichoke (1898) in Barbed Berry. The large scale of this pattern pairs with romantic red tones for an unmistakably dramatic effect.

4. More Than Just Window Dressing

Why is it that velvet is an often-overlooked fabric solution for window fittings? Its heavier texture makes it perfect for combatting drafts and keeping heating bills down, as well as functioning as an excellent light-blocker. What’s more, with a beautiful feature design, your window spaces can become another opportunity to integrate stunning focal point patterns into your home.

In this kitchen, we’ve opted for our Artichoke velvet in a Midnight/Pearwood colourway. We love how the lightness of the artichoke stem stands out against the natural light and darkness of the backdrop in this delightful blind.

Whether it’s curtains or blinds in your bedroom, velvets can make a really cosy addition. Draping curtains, with their beautiful textural folds, have an almost tapestry feel, something which we felt was truly amplified by the gorgeous Bluebell Embroidery velvet. This design, originally from 1876, features hand-finished embroidered gradient detailing for a shimmering, irresistible realism. Available in deeper indigo tones or lighter, russet colours, Bluebell is a great choice for an impactful feel in your bedroom or living room.


posted on 26 Oct 2023 in Interiors

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